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Testimonial Of Ebay Power Seller
- Joan Koh 24 year (Admin Executive) -
"Hi All,
Just to share with you my journey into this online business that we are all involved in right now.
I have been always looking forward to do online business since it is of my great interest; the only problem and the main constraint I was facing is where and how to start?"
In 2007 I am blessed to meet a person; Mr. Edmond (who is currently one of the Director and shareholders in NetBiz), he gave me a lot of encouragement, support and enrolled me in few courses on Internet Marketing conducted by Derek Gehl under the umbrella of Wealth Mentors, Dechen Lau of Power Success Marketing and a few more, however, after attended those courses, I just do not know where and how to start my Internet Marketing business.
After NetBiz was formed last year, I was enrolled into the program and that was the turning point for my Internet business venture, especially the practical part of the program is totally different from what I have learned from the previous courses and I was amazed with the immediate result I am getting from all my online sales. Also, the continuous support and coaching given by NetBiz for my journey is really extraordinarily.
Now I have a clearer direction and I can see my online business has been growing since then. I have been getting constant business on daily basis. For the past 6 months, I have concluded transactions close to RM30,000 in sales which I myself cannot believe.
I have just been promoted to become Power Seller few weeks ago, something which I think I will never achieve on my own.
I believe that I can earn and make more income that I have been dreaming for all these while. The Power Seller recognition has motivate me even further and I will definitely spend more time on eBay in these coming days to achieve "Top Rated Seller" by July 2010.
At the end, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Chan and I strongly believe that with the guidance from you and your team I'll be able to soar even higher. My account was suspended a few times during the journey and you have given me a lot of encouragement to move on. 
Once again, thank you to NetBiz for the great training and guidance. Thank you again to Mr Chan, Edmond and Netbiz members who has supported my sales all these while. "
Mon,Jul 19, 2010 4:24 AM
  - Jassy Lim (Housewife) -  
  Hi NetBiz members,  
  Today is a day worth celebrating, because today I am adding to the ever increasing number of Power Seller in Netbiz Community.  
  When I first joined Netbiz on Last December, I joined eBay's family at the same time. Along the way, I have to endure with many obstacles pursuing my online business.  
  My eBay accounts was suspended, then reinstated, then got suspended again for numerous times. After some deep consideration, I decided not to waste any more time on that account, and started to work on another account. The same thing happen to the second account, third account........but I have never given up.  
  I have worked slowly but steadily towards my goals and dreams. In fact, this account is my 5th account on Ebay. Now looking back having to storm through all the rains and clouds in achieving what I have achieved today, I can tell you it is worth the effort.  
  I have come to realize that to succeed in this online business, "determination and the need to persevere" when the going gets tough is very very important.  
  I would have surely given up halfway if I don't have strong determination to continue and succeed in my online business venture.  
  I am very grateful to NetBiz support and co-operation, it has made the success of this business possible.  
  I would like to thank Mr. Chan and Ms Phoenix for your your help, advise and encouragement. Without your support and encouragement, I think many members would had given up by now.  
  I hope that our members who are currently active in this business, please do not give up easily whenever there is a problem. Share it among our members, and netbiz's staff. For sure, they will be some good advise and solution towards your success.  
  Netbiz has proved that their concept is right, the rest greatly depend on your determination and perseverance to succeed and to achieve greater result.
  Remember "you reap what you sow".  
  Sun, Aug 1, 2010 2:39 AM  
- Dave 35 year (IT Project Manager) -
Wow, good news! Finally yesterday I received eBay PowerSeller invitation!
I believe most of the community members have the same problem as mine. Account suspended by eBya, violation policy and so on. In April I decided to to create my 2nd eBay account.
Since I have eBay exprience, within 4 months able to create more than USD 3k sales, 100 feedbacks and 100 business transactions!
I am the PowerSeller Club member NOW. The club still open to all members, you all are welcome to join.
Mr Chan, I would like to suggest shall we organise NetBiz PowerSeller Club. Only PowerSeller able to join the the club and special benefits for PowerSeller club members. 
The Purpose of the club to create a goals for members to archieve PowerSeller. What do you think?
Tue, July 27, 2010 10:27:37 PM
  - Bryan 24 year (Sales Manager) -  
  Dear Netbiz fellow friends,  
  This is another great announcement by Netbiz that is going to greatly leverage our advantages over the competitors in eBay marketplace especially as an Asian seller. IF you are a serious eBay seller and passionate to this online business, Top Rated Seller is the basic rank that you should strive for as it would drastically increase your listing visibility or exposure in search results. As explained earlier by Mr. Chan, you must fulfill certain amount of ratings on your Detailed Seller Ratings(DSR) and Shipping criteria has contributed a large portion in the overall calculation.  
  As you might not get the whole picture yet about Top Rated Seller qualification, DSR has a certain limit of low ratings (1 or 2 star ratings) counts besides your overall DSR score. For an example, assuming you have 1,000 transactions over last 12 months and you have 980 five-star feedbacks. Therefore, your DSR score should have at least 4.90 which consider as A1 grade. However, your bad ratings consists of 20 which is equivalent to 2% has failed you to become a Top Rated Seller.  
  Feedbacks received over last 12 months  
  5-Star: 980  
  1/2 Star: 20  
  Total = 1,000  
  DSR Score = 980/1,000 x 5 = 4.90  
  Low ratings = 20/1,000 x 100% = 2% (20 counts)  
  Top Rated Seller Requirement  
  Transactions: 100 [Pass]  
  Score: 4.60 or above [Pass]  
  Low ratings: 0.5% or 2 counts [Fail]  
  Try to position yourself as the buyer, how would you rate an item that you purchased from eBay which takes 2-3 weeks to arrive your door step? Frankly, will you give 5 star ratings for this shipping time? To be honest, it is good enough if they don't rate it under 3, not to say the full score for this criteria. Once again, this has exposed the weakness or disadvantage of an Asian seller like us that we need about 14-21 business days which takes about one month time to be delivered. Not to mentioned the delay or lost shipment as we go on.  
  Again, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Mr. Chan and Netbiz's continuous effort in looking better ways all the time to improvise and simplify our journey on eBay online business. Thank to their support and guidance all these while, I managed to keep my word to achieve Power Seller within 90 days, which would due by tonight. Too bad eBay has evaluated my account 1 day earlier and my sales volume was amounted at $2995.63 and my day count was 89 days (need at least $3K sales & 90 days being registered user), and I shall wait for next evaluation which most probably on 20 Aug. Anyway, I would give it a try to write in an email to eBay request for a special review. My next target would be Top Rated Seller as I have fulfilled most of the requirements except transaction count criteria that I already have 88's to date. I must achieve Top Rated Seller by the time on next eBay evaluation.  
  Not to forget to congratulate Joan and Dave on their success being a Bronze Power Seller. Let us work hard further to achieve the next rank in order to flourish our online business on eBay!  
  P.S# Sell more bookmark to U.S. buyer in order to boost your DSR in shortest period of time ;)  
  Thu, July 22, 2010 7:18:17 PM  
- Carron 43 years (Housewife) -
Yes, all of us who attended had a great time there the past Saturday. And to the gang there, it was really nice and fun attending the session together with you.
The fact is, I am a bit afraid to approach this thing called "blog", even well-aware of its real effectiveness in its own functionality. The first question I asked was "what to write?", "How to write?" "Got people want to see and visit my blog meh....?" Sounds familiar? You see, we human are very good at discouraging ourselves, before we even started, we throw ourselves with a lot of questions to bring-down ourselves first, and 100% hit-target, so to speak, so, we find all the excuses under the sun "NOT" to start it.....
The truth is, once you "GOT" it started, you turn around and ask the same question like the fun young man Oracle asked, "WHY on earth didn't I start it earlier???" sounds comical? It does!
The magic phrase Mr. Chan said last Saturday was "Make sure you have your blog set up and "AT LEAST" look like a very basic one, you ARE NOT going to step out of this office door today"! Looks like the magic phrase works wonder!
I am still at the very beginning learning stage, still trying to make myself comfortable at the whole blog navigation, but, I know I will get there.
Hey, I just realised that blogging after all is fun, when I do not have to"force" myself to think what to write, but just let the flow go naturally, I don't even have to talk about all the big words like business, sales, hit-target, power-seller etc etc etc, but I talked about "BUG-purchase" and"BUCK-purchase" yesterday.
To the rest who are yet to, come join in the bandwagon and have fun!
Sun Apr 25, 2010 5:14 PM
  - Sunny Ali (CEO/Director) -  
  So far, Netbiz has done an excellent job in kick starting this whole venture and giving an opportunity to so many individuals to have this platform.  
  I bet, people can't just easily start their Ebay business alone by themselves.  
  Sourcing products, researching products, identifying great money making products and then assisting in selling strategies, helping in drop shipping which is a tedious work involving careful packing, shipment, most importantly building shipment volume to get the best shipment price. We are not sitting in USA, we are in Malaysia and for any one to start his own Ebay business even after identifying a good money making product, the first hurdle is shipment cost.  
  Indeed Netbiz has achieved a great deal for members. Thank you for that.  
  I own my online business in many niches including google, amazon, ecommerce, affiliate networks, Directories, SEO etc But the only part missing was Ebay and I always badly wanted to kickstart Ebay also and a lucky day for me when just by chance, while roaming around in Sri Petaling shopping center, I met Phoenix in your office and my Ebay business was started and I sent my staff for training at Netbiz.  
  I consider myself very lucky to find Netbiz that day and I have my Ebay moving well and I see things getting better and better every day. Process and system is getting matured on weekly basis. And all Netbiz staff is co-operative and helpful and Chan is wonderful indeed.  
  I am happy with Netbiz :) Thank you  
  Tue Sep 7, 2010 5:46 PM  
  - Jess Kan -  
  Dear Chan & Yen Nee,  
I really appreciate your helping all this time since i join netbiz in march. Thanks for helping me not only with the 25 online pendants, custom tax, gave 10 HFC pendant for tutorial and the shipped 15 pendants at advance recently. I really appreciate with you and all netbiz members, help me a lot in this few months, no matter in goods nor shipping, share a lot of knowledge with me not only by the time i was in Kajang, after i came back to Kuantan, you all also help me, guide me in selling statistic. THANK YOU!!
  Tue Oct 12, 2010 5:46 PM  
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